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Coming to the Clinic

Currently The Endometriosis Clinic has 5 assessment slots on a Wednesday morning between 8.30am - 12.30pm and 6 assessments on a Thursday afternoon from 12pm - 5.30pm. These can be arranged by emailing with an enquiry. You would then be sent confirmed appointments with instructions on where to come and how to get there. 


The assessment usually takes place by firstly attending a transvaginal scan (transrectal if you have never had sex before) at the Gynaecology ultrasound Centre at 137 Harley Street and then walking 5 mins to 41 Welbeck Street for the consultation about an hour later. The whole process will take around 2-3 hours. Each appointment location will give you their own invoice separately and card is the most convenient way to settle these on the day. There are comfortable waiting and refreshment facilities in each clinic. If you have a longer wait between appointments you may wish to stop off en route on Marylebone High Street for shopping or refreshments.


The scan centre will deal with their administrative issues separately and contact you if there are any problems. Once checked into reception at 41 Welbeck Street for the consultation we try to be as punctual as possible, rarely running more than 15 mins over time as we appreciate many women need to catch return flights after their appointments.


The consultation itself usually consists of taking a history of your problem and what has happened to date, allowing you adequate time to voice your own concerns, followed by an assessment by questions, sometimes a physical examination, and a review of the scan report. From here we discuss possible options that fit your own unique circumstances. This whole process takes up to one hour.


We then aim to send you copies of the scan report and letter from the consultation within one week from which you can make decisions about ongoing treatment.


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