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The Endometriosis Clinic accepts self-pay patients, international level insurance and WPA or CIGNA UK health insurance and sometimes other companies also. Unfortunately, we do not cover most other UK health insurance companies at present, including BUPA, AXA/PPP, Aviva and Vitality, as we consider that they do not reimburse adequately for complex endometriosis procedures or for hour long consultations to do a proper assessment. If you are unsure then please get in touch and ask as it is sometimes possible to arrange ways to deal with this so you are at least partially reimbursed. Also, we currently see many women who claim back money from the public healthcare systems in their own countries and are happy to help with any paperwork needed.


Most women require a pre-consultation ultrasound, usually done an hour or two before your first consultation. These are performed a five-minute walk away from the clinic at The Gynaecology Ultrasound Centre on Harley Street . Scans are generally performed by internationally renowned expert in gynaecological ultrasound, Mr Davor Jurkovic, or occasionally by one of the experts on his team. This is one of the few centres worldwide capable of diagnosing deep infiltrating endometriosis on ultrasound as well as often locating other unusual missed causes of pelvic pain.

Transvaginal Ultrasound (but can be transrectal if you are not sexually active) £390

Pre-consultation Ultrasound Scan


A standard medical consultation lasts 20 – 30 minutes but in our experience, is too short to truly listen to what you have to say, fully investigate all the issues, and to explain treatment options in enough detail for you to leave feeling that you really understand your own personal options.


Because the clinic runs as a one stop clinic where we try to have all of the information available at your first consultation, including a detailed scan report, there is rarely a need to pay for a follow up consultation. Thus the cost of the combined scan and consultation assessment approach we offer is less than the cost of a new consultation followed by a scan and then a follow up consultation..


If fertility is an issue, then we would usually request you to have a test of ovarian reserve done locally before coming for your consultation (random AMH blood test, Day 2-4 of cycle FSH blood test). This cannot be done if you are taking hormonal contraceptives or GnRH analogues.


New Consultation (60 minutes) £395

Follow up Consultation (Sometimes needed post-surgery) £245


The Endometriosis Clinic flowers logo

Some people arrange only to come for the full assessment described above as it is so important for you to be able to make decisions about which step to take next with the best possible information, without necessarily booking for surgery.


If surgery is an option for you and you decide to proceed, then it usually divides into simple or complex surgery. This will be known in nearly all cases from the results of the assessment without the need for a diagnostic laparoscopy (keyhole look into the abdomen and pelvis) as usually the quality of scan negates the need for unnecessary diagnostic surgery hence saving you wasting even more precious resources.


For complex rectovaginal cases, we perform over 95% by a rectal shaving technique to reduce the risk of acute and chronic major complications but it is not always possible to determine which technique is required until the surgery is performed.


Surgeries are performed at The Princess Grace Hospital in London, which has an ITU if needed, and are usually done by 3D laparoscopy for simple cases and da Vinci robot assisted laparoscopy for complex surgery. Estimated current total costs including hospital, surgical and anaesthetic fees are below but you will be given an individual quotation after assessment.


To request estimated costs for diaphragmatic or lung surgery for endometriosis then please get in touch.

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