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One of the major patient education and discussion groups worldwide with numerous national subdivisions, resources and possibilities to discuss your condition with women in a similar situation. Ably run by passionate endometriosis advocate Nancy Petersen from the USA.

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Nancy's Nook


Another excellent international discussion and education group similar to Nancy’s Nook and equally ably run by Libby Hopton from the USA!

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Endometriosis UK

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The primary endometriosis support group for women in the UK.

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E for Endometriosis 

E for Endometriosis for Asian sufferers

For Asian sufferers of endometriosis Namira runs "E for Endometriosis" in Singapore and is a useful source of information. she can be found on Instagram:

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Thoracic Endometriosis / Lung Endo Group

A part of the Nancy’s Nook discussion and education group specifically for sufferers of diaphragmatic and lung endometriosis run energetically by Wendy Bingham in the USA.

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The Endometriosis Clinic flowers logo

Adenomyosis Matters 

Adenomyosis Matters is a campaign, information and advisory group that campaigns to increase awareness of Adenomyosis and support evidence based research. It challenges poor quality care and treatment for sufferers and believe that women should have access to information, resources, good quality care and treatment plans and be central in the decision making process so they can live and make choices about their condition, with dignity. It supports women to be better informed about their condition using evidence based research and patient feedback and also has a recommended surgeon list based on patient input and surgical outcome.

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Antonia's Epic Endometriosis Journey

A personal lifetime journey dealing with endometriosis revealing the frustrations of diagnosis and poor management and the effects on one woman’s entire life.

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