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Antonia Boyton, endometriosis sufferer


"Peter changed my life. He doesn't just operate & then say "see you" like so many other doctors. He genuinely cares about each & every patient, which is why I would recommend him to anyone. 

I first met Peter in June 2016. I had finally run out of options regarding my NHS consultant & decided that if I was going to get answers, I would need to see a "real" endometriosis specialist. 

The first thing that struck me was how kind he was. He listened to me, didn't dismiss my symptoms as 'remembered pain' and agreed that something weird was going on. After looking at my photos from a previous surgery he agreed to do another laparoscopy. 

Not only did he find (& excise) a big lump of endometriosis, he also changed my life. He gave me back my dignity and he gave me back my hope. For the first time in twenty years I could pee without pain. 

Life has definitely improved since my surgery with Peter. What's more - he still checks up on me from time to time. He doesn't just operate & then say "see you" like so many other doctors. He genuinely cares about each & every patient, which is why I would recommend him to anyone. 

Thank you Peter for giving me back my life."

Antonia Boyton, UK

Prof Arnie Advincula.jpg

“The complexity of managing endometriosis often requires a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates clinicians with advanced and innovative surgical skills. Mr Peter Barton Smith exemplifies those attributes which help advance and optimize the care of women with this difficult condition”

Professor Arnold Advincula

Chief of Gynecology at the Sloane Hospital for Women, Vice Chair, Women's Health and Chief, Division of Gynecologic Specialty Surgery at Columbia University Medical Centre, New York. Past President of the AAGL (American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists).

The Endometriosis Clinic flowers logo
The Endometriosis Clinic flowers logo
Emma Stewart.jpeg

"I had excision surgery with Peter in January 2017, and it was the best decision I ever made! I now have my life back and it’s all thanks to him and the amazing surgery that he carried out. I just wish I had found him sooner! 


I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis in 2015. I had two operations with the NHS before I had heard about Peter Barton-Smith. Unfortunately, because my case was so complicated, the two surgeries I had previously were not very effective in treating my condition, and I was still in lots of pain and discomfort.

I first heard about Peter through a Facebook education site, called “Nancy's Nook endometriosis discussion and education”.  I am so grateful that I found this site because the admins only recommend the most skilled surgeons from around the world, that specialise in expert excision of endometriosis. 

I had so many worries and concerns, because my case was so complicated. Before the consultation I was very nervous, but Peter really made me feel at ease, and really took the time to explain things in detail and in a way that I could understand. He understood that it was a lot of information for me to take in on the day of the consultation, so he said that if I had any further questions that I could contact him directly- (something that I was so grateful for as I remembered some questions that I should have asked afterwards!).  I found Peter to be very supportive and sympathetic to my situation. He gave me clear facts regarding my case and I never felt pressurised into making a decision. 


I also received a lot of support from Peter after my operation. He would check in with me regularly to see how I was doing and stressed that if I had any worries or concerns during my recovery that I could contact him directly. 

I highly recommend Peter Barton-Smith, he is a very kind, caring, and talented surgeon."

Emma Stewart, UK

Peter Barton-Smith with Endosisters in Singapore

"Dr Peter Barton Smith is hands down the best doctor I have ever met! Especially in handling my insane war with stage 4 Endometriosis. In fact he was the one who properly diagnosed me and treated me when I have been going in circles for years!  


None I met who are able to provide me with any concrete answers. They brushed away my medical condition as 'common' and shoved me with the 'get pregnant case solved' solution. I even had a laparoscopic surgery done but to my horror, the gynecologist only removed polyps, fibroids and cysts. He failed to identify the cobwebbed like Endometriosis all over my bowel wall. I suffered for years! So to have come across an expert in this area here in Singapore (finally!) is an answered prayer. Dr Peter Barton Smith is not just a doctor. To me, he is my hero! 


The excision done by him was the best decision I have ever made for myself. I was able to get back to my physically challenging regime as a fitness competitor; something I never thought I would ever be doing if not for his expertise. My quality of life has improved beyond what I expected! Even though he has left Singapore, he'd still dropped me a quick hello time to time to see if I'm coping well. You don't get that from just anyone unless the person has a compassion in his heart to HELP & make a difference. 

If you are looking for a doctor whose medical knowledge is extensive,  treats the person holistically, and takes the time to be caring even while handling many others, then Dr Peter Barton Smith is someone you should consider visiting."


The Endometriosis Clinic flowers logo

Namira Mohamad, Singapore

The Endometriosis Clinic flowers logo
Hester Wheeler.JPG

"Three months ago I was bed ridden, unable to work, eat or move properly. I am now back at work, I can go out for meals, work out and live my life to the full. I would sum up my experience with Mr Barton-Smith as life changing. He was there to support and advise me through every stage of the process. Most of all, he genuinely cares about my well-being and no worry or concern is too small. I would highly recommended Mr Barton-Smith. He made was initially an overwhelming decision hassle free and one which has ultimately transformed my life. 


Choosing a surgeon was incredibly daunting and the stakes were high but Mr Barton-Smith put me at ease from the beginning. Very soon after I had made an appointment for an initial consultation, Mr Barton-Smith contacted me by telephone to discuss my case. He was reassuring and supportive from the start and helped us to arrange an appointment for the scan I needed on the same day as our consultation in order avoid excessive travelling.

During our consultation, Mr Barton-Smith explained everything to us in great detail and in a way that was easy to understand. He gave us all the options for treatment and answered all our questions in depth. When I was admitted for surgery, he was there again to answer my questions and ease my fears. The after care has been second to none. Mr Barton-Smith was there when I woke up from surgery and he visited me each day until I was discharged. Now, twelve weeks after surgery, I am still in regular contact with him as he continues to support me through my recovery and put my mind at rest when needed.


He expertly excised all of my stage four endometriosis and even talked me through the DVD of my surgery the following day, explaining everything he had found and each step of the operation. Twelve weeks after surgery, I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made."

Hester Wheeler, UK

Dr John Dulemba, Endometriosis specialist

 "I have known Mr Peter Barton-Smith for over 12 years. We have worked closely together performing robotic surgery for endometriosis.  He is an expert robotic and laparoscopic surgeon utilizing excision surgery to remove endometriosis.  He is one of the most knowledgeable physicians/scientists I have ever met.    


He is a very compassionate doctor, and strives to improve women’s lives with his skill and knowledge.  He has published papers about endometriosis that may enable other doctors to provide better care for patients dealing with endometriosis, and is always seeking new ways and treatments to help relieve the pain from this disease.  


Any patient that is seeking a surgeon for endometriosis will receive the best care from Mr Peter Barton-Smith.  As an indicator of how I value his skills and care, I would want him to operate on my family if they had endometriosis."

Dr John Dulemba, Endometriosis Specialist Surgeon, Texas, USA

The Endometriosis Clinic flowers logo
The Endometriosis Clinic flowers logo

"I cannot talk highly enough of Peter Barton-Smith. It is thanks to him I no longer suffer from the severe pelvic pain I was experiencing before my treatment and I feel like my life is back on track again. 


After 10 years of undiagnosed pelvic pain I decided to seek specialist care. After considerable research I found Peter Barton-Smith. I made an appointment for a consultation and travelled down from Scotland to meet with him. Peter sent me for an internal scan prior to meeting with him. I was immediately diagnosed from the scan and met with Peter to discuss treatment.


The consultation with Peter was excellent. We spoke at length about my diagnosis and the most suitable treatment for me. Peter was very understanding and compassionate. I was offered a couple of different treatment options and I decided to have robotic assisted surgery to remove a juvenile cystic adenomyoma and some mild endometriosis. At no point did I feel under any pressure to follow one treatment or another, it was entirely my choice.

The care I received from Peter and the hospital during my treatment was first class. Peter took time to come and see me prior to my surgery to explain what would happen. He also visited me after to talk me through the DVD he had recorded during my surgery, this was an amazing thing to see! The recovery process was very straight forward and Peter kept in contact with me throughout, checking how I was doing. Overall, the communication throughout my treatment was excellent. Given the distance I had to travel for treatment I could email Peter at any time I needed to and he was always very quick to respond. "

Carol Lilley, UK

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