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Evidence of the benefit of ablation for endometriosis


Evidence for the benefit of excision for endometriosis



Evidence that excision is superior to ablation for endometriosis




Peter Barton-Smith’s Doctoral Thesis with evidence in favour of excision in endometriosis



Fertility Evidence

Evidence for improved spontaneous pregnancy after removal of endometriosis



Evidence in favour of excision for endometriomas



Evidence of the potential risk of ovarian damage from excising endometriomas


Evidence related to outcomes for IVF or Surgery in cases of severe deep infiltrating endometriosis


Evidence that endometriosis is seen more easily by 3D employed in robotics


Risk Of Surgery (Reserch)

Pain Evidence

Risks of Surgery (for Severe Deep Infiltrating endometriosis)

Evidence of risks for conventional laparoscopy

Evidence of risks in robotic surgery


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