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First UK combined thoracic/abdominal case for diaphragmatic endometriosis

On 28th Nov The Endometriosis Clinic performed the first UK robotic combined case removing endometriosis from upper and lower sides of the diaphragm in one surgery. The da Vinci Xi platform is ideal for this as there is no need to move the robot between thoracic and abdominal segments as this can be done by simple re-docking. The patient had had multiple underside of diaphragm surgeries previously with no assessment of the thoracic side of the diaphragm. Significant disease was found on both sides and excised by a combined team of Peter Barton-Smith, Prof Long Jaio and Mr Tom Routledge. The patient has recovered well from surgery without complication. For The Endometriosis Clinic this is another step towards the most comprehensive service for diaphragmatic/thoracic endometriosis in the UK. We are now performing around 2 cases a month for this "not so rare" manifestation of endometriosis.

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