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First UK Simultaneous 3 Compartment Surgery for Endometriosis

On 16th February The Endomemetriosis Clinic performed our first 3 compartment case for endometriosis in a 46 year old patient with chronic and cyclical left chest and pelvic pain requiring pelvic excision and hysterectomy, underside of diaphragm excision and thoracic excision surgery for her condition simultaneously by our multidisciplinary team of Prof Long Jaio, Mr Tom Routledge, Mr Peter Barton-Smith and Theatre Robotics Lead, Claudia So. The da Vinci Xi Robot is the ideal tool for this as the arms can be reduced for each part of the procedure without having to move the robot itself. The patient was found to have endometriosis in all 3 compartments a has recovered well. The surgery was completed in 4 hours, again made possible by the versatility of the technology.

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